Emerson Portable Ice Maker

Emerson Portable Ice Maker – Features, Benefits And Where To Buy

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The Emerson Portable Ice Maker is a product of Emerson Radio Corp, manufacturers of other wide range electronics and home appliances.

Emerson im90 portable best ice maker comes in four verities and is made of toughened plastic exterior to reduce its overall weight and making it more portable and easy to store. It’s fairly charged for its worth.

It has been famed as effective and convenient by the users with a non-stop run until the receiver basket is full. Its end results are neat appealing ice usually white in color or clear. The machine comes equipped with its own ice basket and ice scoop where the ice basket can hold up to 2.2lbs of ice at a given time.

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The ice scoop on the other hand facilitates easier serving. It produces about 26lbs at time of bullet shaped ice with a hole running through them.

The ice maker has three options for the ice output being small, medium and large sizes which you can store in the freezer until needed. It is recommendable that one uses only filtered water for best results

The benefits of using Emerson Portable ice maker is that its price is relatively low compared to other brands in the market that offer the same quality and output. It’s also a relatively lightweight gadget making it easier to transport from one location to another could it be a party or any outdoor event. The ice produced is in the required size as per user taste and its dropped in an easily removable basket making it easier to retrieve.

In some machines, the ice produced may have some taste and this is not the case with the Emerson Portable Ice Maker where the ice has no weird taste provided that the user ensured that the water used was clean and recommended for use. The best thing about it also is its highly efficient compressor with relatively low noise emission during operation.

Its clear-cut electronic control comes in handy with a display to cap it all. However the product has its own demerits unfortunately first being that it only comes in one color; white! Hence there little if no choice for the lovers of color and variety. There is some noise emitted when the tray is lifting to drop the made cubes into the basket.

This can be annoying for tranquility lovers in the beginning before one gets used to it. All these demerits are really not a big of a deal if you are looking for a portable ice maker. All in all, Emerson Portable Ice Maker is still a great buy and is definitely worth the money. You can also check our in-depth Portable Ice Maker review.

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This is the very basics of an Emerson Portable Ice Maker

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